“Abbot Julio’s Legacy: The Power of the Psalms” by Filippo Goti

"Abbot Julio's Legacy: The Power of the Psalms" by Filippo Goti

"Dear Reader, the purpose of this brief treatise is to introduce Abbot Julio, to describe his experience and to expose his view on the magical use of Psalms.

The Psalter shows, in Abbot Julio’s vision, a connection with many significant events of everyday life and vicissitudes of fate, which in every instant absorb the devout man's mind and soul; moreover, it consists of a large number of prayers and supplications, suitable for various needs and occasions. The Psalms are gathered here in an easily accessible form, along with their content, blessing effect, areas of application.

Abbot Julio stressed the importance and the power of prayer, essential to us to resist Evil influences and avoid misfortune: a medium to attract positive energies and good luck. We are speaking about an ancient practice, included in numerous traditions; the Psalmist acts like a powerful magical catalyst, with the clear intention of accumulating and channeling the spiritual and magical substance embedded in the hymns, a kind of energy that is growing in power over the millennia.

We compiled a short vademecum providing usage instructions for each Psalm (in numerical order) and showing its connection (in alphabetical order) to a specific request/supplication. Along with every prayer/supplication we indicated the most suitable Psalm (whole original text in Latin). Our intent is to offer to the Reader an instrument of immediate and clear application, according to her/his needs, frames of mind and particular feelings, showing up at every instant of our uncertain existence. The last section of this book is dedicated to the historical background of The Book of Psalms in the version presented by Abbot Julio, belonging to the Psalter collection from the Clementine Bible.

As a conclusion of this short introduction, we find of fundamental importance to remind how like to recall how Abbot Julio asserted that this particular use of the Psalms is absolutely not to consider unrelated to the religious tradition, but rather as a part of their essential nature. The Psalms should not be confined to a mere devotional sphere. However, their magical use is appropriate for a devout who finds in the figure of Jesus Christ the symbolic, moral and spiritual center of his life. When the above-mentioned conditions are respected, the application of the Psalms is suitable for anyone, regardless of their religious or secular condition, and it is not to be intended as a magical operation, but rather as a spiritual practice."