“Virtual Reality Hypnosis: Adventures in the Multiverse” by Kelley T. Woods and Don E. Gibbons

"Virtual Reality Hypnosis: Adventures in the Multiverse" by Kelley T. Woods and Don E. Gibbons

"Combining unique elements of Mindful Hypnosis, along with Don's demonstrated Hyperempiria and the BEST ME Technique (which are included in the second edition of the American Psychological Association's Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis), Woods and Gibbons have created Virtual Reality Hypnosis — an approach that helps transcend a wide variety of everyday challenges and problems.

Numerous case studies bring the processes to life, demonstrating the wide applicability of these procedures and their possible use to supplant, or at times even to replace, mechanically based virtual reality systems.

With decades of experience, these two creative artists of suggestion provide methods for quickly and easily enabling you to take a virtual journey to a parallel or alternate universe, and return a much better person than you were before you left!"