“Non-Linear Manifestations from Not-Mind” by Richard Dotts

"Non-Linear Manifestations from Not-Mind" by Richard Dotts

"What if you could take all the unmanifest desires in your life and turn them into non-linear intentions? In Non-Linear Manifestations, bestselling author and spiritual teacher Richard Dotts turns the conventional idea of linear, time-based manifestations on its head. In everyday language, Richard explains why the traditional notion of manifesting based on a fixed timeline, in which intentions precede manifestations, often leads to delays, frustrations, and endless disappointments for most people.

The "goals before target" concept is helpful for our minds to understand the creation process. However, since manifestations occur beyond the mental realm of space and time, the fastest way to manifest is from a non-linear perspective. This means taking time out of the manifestation equation entirely. When you implement this in your life and live from a non-linear perspective, you remove the limitations on the creative process and open up to new possibilities in your everyday reality.

As Richard Dotts writes, "When all your unmanifest intentions are stated non-linearly, you no longer limit your manifestation outcomes based on time. You free your manifestations to occur spontaneously, even without you setting a corresponding intention!"

When you approach manifestations non-linearly and hold all your intentions in this way, your intentions are gone and done! There is no longer a need to keep repeating or reminding yourself of the myriad of intentions in your life because a non-linear intention influences all levels of your existence (past, present, and future) at once."