“Instantly Directed Manifestations: The Mindless Way” by Richard Dotts

"Instantly Directed Manifestations: The Mindless Way" by Richard Dotts

"In one of the most physically challenging times on our planet, the world’s favorite teacher of manifestations is back with his latest work: Instantly Directed Manifestations. After writing 30 international bestsellers on the subject of manifestations that have collectively transformed the lives of millions of readers around the world, Richard Dotts thought that he had conveyed everything he knew about the subject… until now.

Recent world events have compelled Richard Dotts to ask himself how he can play a part in uplifting the collective consciousness of humanity. He has always taught through his books that changes start from within and that every perceived issue carries with it the potential of infinite possibilities. In this time of unprecedented turmoil that has affected the livelihoods of many, it is more important than ever to have effective tools to transcend the conditions before us. Old ways of thinking and operating in this world are no longer effective. The solution to this ongoing uncertainty is not through a massive scientific intervention on the outside, but rather, through a changing of our own consciousness on the inside. As more individuals get in touch with their inner selves and use their inner power, that is when a greater shift can be produced in the world around us.

In Instantly Directed Manifestations, Richard Dotts presents a completely new way of looking at physical and spiritual manifestations like never conveyed before. It has been 5 years since his last book. While readers around the world have been waiting in great anticipation for Richard’s next book, he himself was adamant that he would not write again until recent events changed his mind. Instantly Directed Manifestations represents a breakthrough way of synthesizing Richard’s unique teachings on manifestations along with recent improvements to his method. In the last 5 years, Richard has fine-tuned various steps of the process in line with the latest modalities and improved his method of communicating these teachings to others.

As he promises in his opening chapter, "Give me ten chapters, and the person who started reading this book will no longer be the same when he finishes the book!" Such is the power of Instantly Directed Manifestations in your life."