“The Magic of Shamanism: The Healing Power of the Shamanic Journey” by Arvick Baghramian

"The Magic of Shamanism: The Healing Power of the Shamanic Journey" by Arvick Baghramian

"The Magic of Shamanism will open your eyes to an ancient, and yet accessible, world to everyone interested in personal growth and healing in order to reach their potential.

Shamanism is a powerful therapeutic tool and the author, Arvick Baghramian, has a talent for clear, down-to-earth explanations of the origins of shamanism and how modern western shamanic practices work in both a personal and therapeutic setting.

The book is detailed and comprehensive yet easy to read. It explains not only the origins but also how to work with shamanism: power animals, soul retrieval, working with nature and many other related concepts including how to create the conditions for a shamanic journey for personal healing and growth. It also includes real examples of life-changing shamanic journeys.

The Magic of Shamanism is a practical guide to shamanic healing which has the power to re-connect us with ourselves and the world in these frenetic modern times.

Discover how shamanism can help you in your own personal development."