“The Ghost of 29 Megacycles: A New Breakthrough in Life after Death?” by John G. Fuller

"The Ghost of 29 Megacycles: A New Breakthrough in Life after Death?" by John G. Fuller

"Is it possible that, when certain audio frequencies are combined with a tape recorder, the dead can communicate with us, not through a medium but using their own voices?

When this theory was first outlined to John Fuller his reaction was scepticism mingled with incredulity; when a tape was played to him, purporting to be a conversation between a living man and a doctor who had died five years previously, he was staggered and confused, but still cautious.

If the phenomenon could be proved beyond doubt, the implications were enormous: it could be the biggest breakthrough in the history of mankind. If the evidence remained open to speculation, a lot of time and money would have been wasted. After studying a mass of transcripts and documentary evidence, John Fuller decided to delve deeper. The fact that Marconi, the inventor of the radio, had been working on this very subject at the time of his death, was a persuasive factor. So began a long period of probing, questioning, testing, interviewing. The group of people involved in the research were no credulous cranks, but level-headed scientists, electronics engineers, physicists, doctors and clergymen—professionals who would not lightly lend their names to an apparently lunatic theory. The evidence they produced, still part of an ongoing research programme that may ultimately allow those who have passed into the next life to communicate visually as well as aurally, is presented in this astounding new book.

John Fuller has established himself as a major investigative reporter with a special interest in the paranormal; his books The Ghost of Flight 401 and The Airmen Who Would Not Die have been bestsellers. But he is no seeker after sensationalism. He offers us the evidence as it exists, and it is up to us whether we believe it or not; as he himself says, the story is either true or it is not.

But if it is not true, why should so many people of undisputed integrity have spent more than ten years and half a million dollars researching the electronic evidence for life after death, and come to the conclusion that there is a strong case for believing in communication?"