“Re-Scripting Your Life: Power Principles for True Happiness” by Suzette Clements

"Re-Scripting Your Life: Power Principles for True Happiness" by Suzette Clements

"Do you believe that there must be more to life than what you are currently experiencing? Are you stuck in unhappy relationships or a profession that no longer serves you? These are just some of the significant questions that you’ll find answers to in this book. In general, the book poses 12 powerful principles that you can incorporate to rescript your life, moving from sadness and despair to confidence and courage. Readers will embrace their remodeled lives with authenticity and fervor leading to unbridled happiness.

The author, Dr. Suzette Clements, learned and effectively used the techniques included in the book to find something she had lost — her zeal for life. While at the pinnacle of her career, neither her family nor academic and professional accomplishments could sufficiently provide Suzette with the cure for what was ailing her. Thus, she began an intense journey to happiness. The philosophical and practical treasures she has found will now become yours, ensuring that you, too, now learn the true art of happiness.

Here’s is just some of what you can expect:
• A reminder of how to be happy — even in the most challenging situations
• An evolution in spiritual growth that empowers rather than defines
• How to understand yourself better and benefit from it
• How to embrace life with renewed passion
• Making sure you are showing up in your life rather than a representative
• Learning how to let go of negativity for good
• Remembering how to have fun again.

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