“Messages in your Tea Cup: Learn to read tea leaves” by Irene McGarvie

"Messages in your Tea Cup: Learn to read tea leaves" by Irene McGarvie

"Have you ever wished that you could predict the future?

Throughout history people all over the world have been able to predict future events and get advice from “beyond” through tea leaf reading (tasseography). It was popular because it worked so well and the necessary materials could be found in any kitchen. But does it really work?

In this book you will discover:
How to read tea leaves and coffee grinds
How reading tea leaves helps develop your intuition
The history of tea leaf reading
Why “ceremony” is important
How amazingly accurate tea leaf messages can be

Tea leaf reading is something that anyone can do. Sure, some people might pick it up faster, but everyone can do it to some degree. Give it a try, this book will teach you everything you need to know to begin reading tea leaves immediately."