“Transcendental Rebirthing: A Superb Method of Personal Transformation” by Ivan Kos

"Transcendental Rebirthing: A Superb Method of Personal Transformation" by Ivan Kos

"Traumatic past experiences cannot be just forgotten and stashed away. These three-dimensional, virtual memories must be evoked, remembered and above all felt, so that a person can finally be free to have a present. Feeling the terror of Original Pain consciously, or any kind of painful imprints, makes them disappear. Once felt, once connected to the present, they are gone forever. As they are filed in a conscious "filing cabinet" these imprints lose their power over you. If we understand that we are not experiencing an actual pain, but the recorded memory of it, it should be easier to get through it.

Original birthing pain is not some kind of a mental abstraction, just because it is not readily visible. It is a sensation, a feeling. The birth trauma hurts physically and in particular places, head, neck, shoulders, chest, etc. It is recorded all over the body. Birth experiences can lay a foundation for later chronic conditions, like asthma, claustrophobia, etc. Drowning in amniotic fluid is one, being too drugged to take proper breaths, is another. If you cannot remember your birth, you have already suppressed it.

The same holds for any other kind of trauma."