“The Magic Power of Pragma-Psychics” by Tom C. Lyle

"The Magic Power of Pragma-Psychics" by Tom C. Lyle

"Pragma-Psychics is learning in its most important sense. If what you are doing is familiar and comfortable, the truth is you are not really learning. The performance of a feat very unfamiliar to us seems like an act of magic. Such an essence of mystery is due solely to its strangeness and unfamiliarity. When we come to understand just how such a feat is done, it loses its mystery and becomes familiar. This period of transition from strangeness tofamiliarity is the true essence of learning.

Familiarity breeds contempt. It also produces boredom, which in turn causes fatigue, with or without physical exertion. Yet we are ever seeking new, exciting and challenging experiences, despite our hesitance to meet anything new or strange. Our prime obstacle in meeting the unfamiliar is lack of confidence.

One using Pragma-Psychics can enjoy and savor all of the newness and challenge of every experience, since he can act in complete confidence that his creative powers are ready to deal effectively with every confrontation. He plans with full foreknowledge that an exhilarating and fulfilling victory will be his. This is no blind bravado, no simple expression of willpower. Nor is it a denial of facts as they really are.

The principles of Pragma-Psychics provide a key to all psychic and cosmic phenomena, the forces of which have motivated all such events throughout history.

With an understanding of these principles of Pragma-Psychics, you will TURN-ON psychic creative powers transforming you into a super-being, a member of a group composing less than 2% of the earth's population. Throughout the evolution of Pragma-Psychics it has controlled and directed activities among masses of mankind for many centuries. In every generation there have been those who learned or were taught these principles which TURN-ON psychic powers."