“The Cottage Witch’s Guide to Magic: 25 Enchanting Projects to Make Your Home More Sacred” by Suzanne Lemmon

"The Cottage Witch's Guide to Magic: 25 Enchanting Projects to Make Your Home More Sacred" by Suzanne Lemmon

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"Bring Magic and Meaning to Every Inch of Your Home with Homemade Décor

From Full Moon Wreaths and Witch’s Besoms & Brooms, to Smoke Cleansing Wands and Spell Jars, this collection of magical crafts is the ultimate handbook to protect and enchant your home and hearth. Seasoned witch and artist Suzanne Lemmon shares her expertise in handmaking gorgeous décor with simple projects for house witches of all experience levels.

Suzanne’s tips and tricks help you harness the power of energy-charged crystals and charms for altars and adornments. Her detailed reference guide to working with herbs, flowers and other botanicals in spells will elevate your daily practice. Plus, she offers in-depth information on selecting the right raw materials for each project, so you can tailor it to your specific intentions and goals. You will love creating and using projects like Nature-Adorned Offering Bowls, Witch’s Wands and Faerie Lamps that are meaningful to you and your needs.

Combining detailed instructions and step-by-step photography, this collection of inspired projects will fill your home with magic and good intentions."