“The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation” by William Kolbe

"The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation" by William Kolbe

"This author not only has the courage to tackle the taboo topic of masturbation but he does this task with graciousness and insight. The book is well-written, easily understandable, and brings a completely new perspective to human sexuality.

This book is not a proponent of epicurean hedonism of self-indulgence neither a moralistic condemnation of this reality of human sexuality but finds an original perspective on how masturbation can be harnessed for physical health and spiritual growth. The most persuasive and intriguing insight of Dr. Kolbe's argument is the synthesis of scientific evidence from western medicine with the wisdom of ancient Taoist and Hindu philosophies. Indeed, his argument includes a detailed analysis of the scientific findings from modern medicine regarding the positive effects of sexual stimulation on our endocrine system, while acknowledging the negative effects of excessive consummated masturbation.

The second part of the book moves this argument further, to the level of spiritual growth, by a focused analysis of the contributions of Taoist and Hindu philosophical teachings on how sexual stimulation without consummation is the critical source of energy for healing and elevating our own full spiritual self. I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in finding a new perspective on human sexuality and its link to both physical and spiritual well-being."