“Mimics: The Others Among Us” by Sean Casteel and Tim R. Swartz

"Mimics: The Others Among Us" by Sean Casteel and Tim R. Swartz

"What if you could never be sure who was really human? What if the person next to you had a secret that could change everything you thought you knew about reality?

In this thrilling and provocative book, you will explore the world of the mimics of man: beings that look like us, but are not. They have been among us since the beginning of history, hiding in plain sight, influencing our history and culture in ways we can scarcely imagine.

Some of them are benevolent, some are malevolent, and some are just curious. They could be from other planets, other dimensions, or time travelers from our own past or future. Some have been worshipped as gods, feared as demons, or revered as Enlightened Masters.

But they all have one thing in common: they are not us.

Are you ready to discover who they are? Are you ready to face the truth about yourself? Are you ready to enter the world of the mimics of man?

Tim R. Swartz and Sean Casteel, along with some of the most talented paranormal researchers of our time, present compelling evidence that humans are not alone on this planet. But the question remains, who or what are the others?

Mimics: The Others Among Us will challenge your assumptions and open your eyes to a hidden reality that has been right in front of our eyes all along. "

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