“SkyGates of the Mind” by Ivan Kos

"SkyGates of the Mind" by Ivan Kos

"Dream world, in so called average person, is a total chaos and total nonsense. It lacks organizing power. It lacks reason. In spite of this, dreaming personality, Ego, you, takes dreams to be real. Consciousness is at low level and Self-awareness is nonexistent. You are at the mercy of the subconscious. Even the slightest rise in consciousness results in lucid, conscious, dreams. For the duration of being in this slightly higher conscious state dreams have lost their power over you; you realize you are in a dream world. Instantly the dream world arranges itself into a bit higher order. You acquire a degree of intent, the will power. Regretfully, in the beginning, this freedom lasts only seconds. You just do not have enough energy, life-force, to power this somewhat higher awareness.

Wise person will realize what is happening and what needs to happen. Yogic Dreamer embarks upon a quest for total freedom. He/she begins learning relevant things, increasing intelligence, wisdom and reasoning power. Realizing that for the most part empathy was destroyed Spirit Voyager begins to reclaim his/her heart and feelings, bringing his emotions under conscious control. He aims to be Self-conscious 24h per day, aims not to squander his life-force on irrelevant things.

Average person's thinking process, emotional life and level of awareness is very similar to unconscious dreaming. Such a person is 100% under control of subconscious mind, while all the time believing he/she makes their own decisions. All the decisions are made in the subconscious mind seconds before they surface to consciousness. We then believe we made them."