“Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know” by Christiana Gaudet (2nd edition)

"Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know" by Christiana Gaudet (2nd edition)

"Since its publication in 2010, Fortune Stellar has been a primary resource for metaphysical professionals who count tarot as a personal tool, and for tarotists of all levels of experience with an interest in professional tarot. The Second Edition of Fortune Stellar includes extensive author notes which reflect changes in technology and social culture. These updates make Fortune Stellar relevant and helpful for the aspiring tarot professional at any stage of development beyond basic tarot reading proficiency.

This second edition includes the original manuscript in its entirety. Far from a dry textbook, the lessons in Fortune Stellar are peppered with amusing anecdotes from the author’s career as a tarot reader. Fortune Stellar includes eight lessons, each covering an important aspect of professional tarot and microbusiness management. Each lesson includes exercises designed to help the reader create the business that suits them best. Four new tarot professionals perform these exercises as an example and inspiration.

The eight lessons of Fortune Stellar begin with Structuring Your Tarot Business, which includes practical topics such as branding, marketing, fees and venues as well as thought-producing topics such as your vision and mission statement. The second lesson is devoted to ethics, while the third lesson is about how to structure your professional-quality reading. The fourth lesson offers instruction for handling difficult clients and difficult tarot reading situations. The fifth lesson discusses continuing education as a tarot reader, and the sixth is about mentoring and teaching. The seventh lesson discusses public appearances, and the eighth lesson is about fostering acceptance of tarot in the community at large. New in the second edition is a supplemental index which includes brand new exercises for tarot professionals well as interviews with fulltime tarot professionals from many countries.

Tarot is growing in popularity around the world. Never has there been a better time for tarot enthusiasts to turn their passion into a career. Fortune Stellar is designed to help each tarotist create a career path that uniquely works for them, and to help each tarot professional take their career to the next level."