“Energy in Action: The Power of Emotions and Intuition to Cultivate Peace and Freedom” by Sherianna Boyle

"Energy in Action: The Power of Emotions and Intuition to Cultivate Peace and Freedom" by Sherianna Boyle

"A contemporary take on manifesting based on processing our emotions within the context of metaphysical truths to create a full life

The universe responds to our feelings. This idea is crucial in manifestation―but when we try to put it into practice, things fall flat and we feel stuck. We can become afraid of what our fear is manifesting or defeated when our feelings aren’t positive enough. If your emotions aren’t flowing and your manifestation practice just isn’t working, Sherianna Boyle has good news: you can achieve a loving mastery of your emotions that will help you create the life you want.

Energy in Action explores how emotions―when in flow―raise your vibration to cultivate an optimal inner state for successful manifestation. By applying her signature emotional detoxing and CLEANSE system, Sherianna helps you get to know the spiritual laws of the universe as a guidance system for energetic alignment. You’ll learn to create from an inner space of discernment, insight, intuition, and levelheadedness. Here, you’ll explore:
• How the universe responds to your emotional states
• Preparing to move energy with the CLEANSE system
• How to overcome the most common blockages to manifestation
• The spiritual laws of the universe beyond the law of attraction
• Practical tools to align your emotional energy for each law

"Emotional habits can seem tough to change", says Sherianna, "but as you follow this process, you’ll discover that you’re not alone―the laws of the universe are supporting you each step of the way. You can realize your most joyful and connected life."