“Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories from the Paranormal” by MR Gorga

"Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories from the Paranormal" by MR Gorga

"REAL DEMON ATTACKS! Eerily True Stories That Creep Under Your skin… And Into Your Nightmares.

The first fully recorded eyewitness account of demonic possession in American history. (Reported decades before the Salem Witch Trials!)
Personal encounters with haunting black spirits, inhuman entities, visions, and terrifying nighttime visitations.
How dark forces influence the world around you. How they deceive and destroy—even kill. Are you at risk?

Demons Among Us peels back the veil of the paranormal, and what lurks on the other side may truly terrify you! Fans of The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, and The Conjuring universe will find this virtually too frightening to read… or put down."