“Subtle Energies” by Roberto Zamperini (5th edition)

"Subtle Energies" by Roberto Zamperini (5th edition)

"Subtle energies are inside us and around us, they direct our body and our mind.

•How do vital energy fields, chakras and healing subtle energies work?
•How does subtle energy circulate in the organism and inside our houses?
•What are the human subtle bodies?
•What are the transmuting energies? Their extraordinary use in the therapeutic arts.
•The new technology of transmuting energies.
•How do cells communicate through subtle energies?
•How does the energetic defense of the organism work? How to enhance it?
•The dangers of energetic pollution. How to avoid it.
•What is Subtle Domotherapy?
•What is the Energy Vibrational Technique?

The book has been published in Italian (5° edition) and French with bestselling results."

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