“Discovering Your Inner Psychic: The Four Pillars of Psychic Development” by Nadia Shapiro

"Discovering Your Inner Psychic: The Four Pillars of Psychic Development" by Nadia Shapiro

"Discover Your Psychic Abilities & Experience Deep Spiritual Connection

After a near death experience, Psychic Medium Nadia Shapiro, was opened to a direct communication with her guides and angels. In Discovering the Inner Psychic, she teaches how to experience this deep spiritual connection. Once you understand these Four Pillars of Psychic Development you will be on the path of awakening to your true nature. Simple meditation exercises and energy cleansing techniques are also included to help unleash your psychic abilities. As you develop greater psychic awareness, be prepared for your life to change dramatically. Daily habits will cleanse your body and mind. Serving to strengthen the information you receive from your senses. So you can begin to understand your extraordinary existence beyond the ordinary world. In this insightful read, Nadia Shapiro pulls from her profound psychic experiences to passionately help people transform their lives."