“Pop Magick: A Simple Guide to Bending Your Reality” by Alex Kazemi (kindle version)

"Pop Magick: A Simple Guide to Bending Your Reality" by Alex Kazemi (kindle version)

"Talent is great if you have it and luck is fine if you can find it, but Alex Kazemi learned it would take something more to make dreams come true. It would take magick—a real, spiritual force that anyone can learn to harness. You have the power within you.

Magick isn't a treasured secret for a privileged few. It's meant for everyone. It’s meant for you. Are you ready to bend reality? Do you want to get out of The Simulation? Do you want to unlock your creative potential? Do you hunger for a more balanced, awakened life? Magick offers this and more. Follow Alex on his journey from troubled outsider to an enlightened young man as he shares the secret power of pop magick."