“Back to Creative Writing School” by Bridget Whelan

"Back to Creative Writing School" by Bridget Whelan

"Tired of theory and want more application and practice? Back to Creative Writing School helps you to develop and use intrapersonal skills to build stories. This book pours out prompts and exercises which not only motivate you to start writing but inspire you to continue writing. A few of the exercises could use more explanation and instructions but you definitely won't be bogged down with too much information.

True to its title, Back to Creative Writing School explains how to use music, dictionaries, nicknames, animals, and more to fuel original writing. This book even shows you how to use simple board games to write adventure stories. You'll learn how to take dog-eared clichés and turn them into memorable and blossoming descriptors. Rather than picking character names, you'll learn how to invent them. Finally, there are over thirty sources for endless writing ideas not commonly found in other books on writing."