“The Secret Arts” by Time-Life Books (The Enchanted World 20)

"The Secret Arts" by Time-Life Books (The Enchanted World 20)

"This volume really acts as a companion piece to the first book, Wizards and Witches. In that first volume, it discussed three traditions of wizards — the lowest being the book-learned mage who sought answers of the beyond through grimoires and other magical texts. This book directly discusses the methods and tools used by that third tier of mage.

This book examines the various methods of divination — looking at the entrails of sacrificed animals, ripples of rocks in water, palm-reading, crystal balls and polished skulls; the mediums of magic — through mommets, songs, and written curses; the tools of the mage — how to make a magic wand, construction of magic rings, uses of the magician's sword and dagger. All in all, a thorough examination of the art. However, the use of stories is at a minimum here, but the art included is just as impressive as always."