“Create Stunning AI Art Using Craiyon, DALL-E and Midjourney: A Guide to AI-Generated Art For Everyone” by Antonis Tsagaris and Andreas Pampoukkas

"Create Stunning AI Art Using Craiyon, DALL-E and Midjourney: A Guide to AI-Generated Art For Everyone" by Antonis Tsagaris and Andreas Pampoukkas

"Create stunning illustrations in minutes by harnessing the power of modern AI art generators like DALL-E, Craiyon and Midjourney! No prior drawing/sketching experience necessary.

There's a revolution currently happening in the world of art, and it's time to get on board. AI systems such as DALL-E, Craiyon and Midjourney let you use prompts, i.e. text descriptions, to generate art. A well-designed prompt can create works of stunning beauty and originality that will stand out in the sea of trite, low-effort pictures that is sure to follow.

This guide starts with the absolute basics like
• The most well-established available options and how to sign up to them
• The pros and cons of each option
• Issues of pricing
• Copyright issues (can you use your work commercially?)
• Censorship

After the basics are covered, prompt design is discussed at length, including topics such as
• What's the right way to express yourself to the AI
• The difference between content and modifiers
• The Gestalt principles of design as they relate to AI art generation
• The various types of stylistic instructions you can use to turn what would've been run-of-the-mill art into mindblowing compositions
• Tips and tricks to give your work an individual feel

Learn how to quickly create
• Stunning landscapes
• Highly-expressive portraits
• Evocative abstract worlds
• 3D renders
• Diagrams and sketches
• and many more

This book contains 80+ original images created with prompts that are provided in the text, that can serve as a starting-off point or a source of inspiration for creating your own images.

The book also contains two appendices: one for explaining in depth the various parameters/options you can enter into Midjourney to affect various facets of your images, and a second, much longer one containing a huge list of art movements and artists that you can use as stylistic modifiers in your own prompts."