“Let Every Breath: Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters” by Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith

"Let Every Breath: Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters" by Vladimir Vasiliev and Scott Meredith

"This book presents an introduction to breath exercises employed by the Russian martial art called Systema, which is one of a number of drill & spar-centric (as opposed to technique-centric) martial arts that have developed in modern times in an attempt to cast off the unrealistic and needlessly complicated elements that tend to grow within traditional martial arts (e.g. Krav Maga is a well-known exemplar of such a martial art.) Among the unique aspects of this system is its focus on, and approach to, breath—and breath is crucial in the martial arts, in a fight, and in life.

This book presents step-by-step training drills given to you in a thorough and comprehensive way. You will learn the unique methodology of Systema breathing including the seven breathing principles that provide the foundation for every physical activity of your daily life.

Whether you are looking to raise your athletic skills to the next level, or wish to increase your potential and to enjoy life, this is your tool to uncover the endless reserve of energy, health and happiness. At the same time, it is very easy reading, full of entertaining stories and thought provoking ideas."