“Internet and the Hermetic Secrets of Globalization” by Nicolas Bonnal

"Internet and the Hermetic Secrets of Globalization" by Nicolas Bonnal

"This book is based on a profound study of the Bible, Hebrew Kabbalah and Greek-Roman mythology. The whole symbolism of the network and of globalism is of biblical, cabalistic and initiatory essence. Three parts plus an appendix make up this brief work. One evokes the Bible (Genesis, Job and the Psalms) and the traditional Hebrew Kabbalah, the other the techno-gnosis and cyber-mysticism. It examines the hidden side of the genius of the Anglo-Saxon mind since the Renaissance. The last part deals with retro-futurism, a notion that with the Aquarius mindset mixes old mystical thoughts and current trends based on technology. Finally, an appendix explains by a glossary of the studied concepts."