“Apparitions” by G.N.M. Tyrell

"Apparitions" by G.N.M. Tyrell

"An influential ghost reference book from "a pioneer of paranormal research who developed theories still relevant today" (The Spook Isles).

Apparitions delves into G.N.M Tyrrell’s ghost classification method, an interesting and thought-provoking system that is still in use today. Tyrrell’s four categories include experiments, crisis, post-mortem and ghosts.

Tyrrell develops the idea that the apparition may be a way for the unconscious part of the mind to bring to consciousness information that has been paranormally acquired—in crisis cases, for example. He introduces an evocative metaphor of a mental ‘stage-carpenter,’ behind the scenes in the unconscious part of the mind, and constructing the quasi-perceptual experience that eventually appears on the stage of consciousness, so that it embodies paranormal information in a symbolic way. Tyrrell first introduced the term out-of-body-experience in this book."