“Ars Sol Niger: El arte del sol negro” by Frater Saturnus (English edition)

"Ars Sol Niger: El arte del sol negro" by Frater Saturnus (English edition)

"Ars Sol Niger is a philosophical essay about depression and death as well as a grimoire of magic and occultism of the Midnight Sun. Throughout its pages, you will not only find a tool endowed with existentialism and stoicism, but also a mental and gnostic way of dealing with the evils of Saturn. It is, in turn, a work of magic that aims to bring together the different meanings that can be found about the symbol that has been present since ancient times, not only from its form as a Golden Sun but also as a dark and overwhelming Sun.

Ars Sol Niger contains in its essence the alchemy, philosophy, gnosis, magic, esotericism, anthropology and psychology, since the job of every practitioner of occultism must be to know the expression of a symbol to its fullest, not only by what the figure itself itself represents but everything that is around it. For this reason, this book is intended for practitioners, as well as non-practitioners of the occult, esotericism and those who dabble in the path of the left hand."