“The Ineffable Name: A Crafters Guide to Traditional Witchcraft” by George Hares

"The Ineffable Name: A Crafters Guide to Traditional Witchcraft" by George Hares

"The Ineffable Name being a book aimed at the traditional crafter delves into some of the core principles, practices, and origins that lie within the Old Craft. For the seeker looking for a more traditional and folkloric approach to witchcraft, this book will assist and help the beginner in forming and forging their path of traditional witchcraft alongside giving reference to the origins and being able to give deeper insight into various forms of practice helping gain gnosis and understanding of where those origins lie. True to the nature of the ‘dual ways’ of those within the witch cult, this book is also aimed at those who have a body of experience behind them making it accessible to both the seeker and the experienced witch.

Within this book you will learn ways of those who practice in the traditional witchcraft current such as accessing the liminal world; gaining and forging an avid relationship with a familiar spirit, learning different aspects of the witch Gods such as; Tubal Cain, and learning to rouse the inner fire, The Queen of Elphame and her experience with those of the craft, The Aulde master of the witches; The Devil himself. Different techniques of The Old Craft and their origins are also explained and given herein such as the Compass round and its various methods, the nocturnal flight of the fetch; how to access the otherworld, fetch flight, shapeshifting and other aspects of darker shamanic influenced craft.

Overall this book is designed not only to teach the seeker but also to inspire the beginner in their current praxis, with older references and accounts of practitioners past and present that seek to inspire the crafter, written by George Hares a practitioner of traditional witchcraft with over 20 years experience, the Ineffable name is a book aimed to assist and amplify everyone within their praxis."