“Sacred Massage: The Magic and Ritual of Soothing Touch” by Debra DeAngelo

"Sacred Massage: The Magic and Ritual of Soothing Touch" by Debra DeAngelo

"Harness the Healing Power of Touch through Spiritual Bodywork

Featuring a variety of physical and spiritual techniques, this book helps you explore massage therapy through the lens of magic and ritual. Debra DeAngelo teaches you how to infuse each session with divine love and channel your healing energy into another person. This thoughtful touch can provide relaxation and relief to family and friends with a variety of ailments, such as:
Alzheimer's Disease • Anxiety • Arthritis • Autism Spectrum Disorder • Chronic Pain • Cramps • Digestive Disorders • Dementia • Depression • Fibromyalgia • Grief • Headaches • High Blood Pressure • Inflammation • Insomnia • Sports Injuries

Sacred Massage provides hands-on activities for preparing your ritual space, creating an altar, grounding, setting intentions, and inviting the elements. Discover how meditation and deity worship can help you establish a deeply spiritual session. Use herbs, crystals, essential oils, and candles to elevate the therapeutic experience. Culminating in a full-body massage sequence, this easy-to-understand book provides everything you need to create a magical massage experience for yourself and your loved ones."