“The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom” by Robert Peng

"The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom" by Robert Peng

"It's 1972 in the industrial city of Xiangtan, China. A frail child with a heart condition sneaks into a hotel boiler room and befriends the elderly yet vibrant attendant, who eventually reveals his true identity as a revered Qigong master. He heals the boy and, for the next 13 years, secretly teaches him the keys to unlocking the spiritual and healing dimensions of the Life Force.

It sounds like a modern-day fable, but the story is true. And with The Master Key, that grateful student, Robert Peng, invites all of us to enter the next chapter of this empowering path.

Here, Master Peng brings together the unique insights of his teacher with the moving account of his own journey to inspire and guide us into:
• The foundational methods for gathering, refining, and using the Life Force
• A five-minute exercise to directly experience the reality of Qi energy
• Awakening the body's three Dantian centers
• The Four Golden Wheels practices for strengthening your Qi reservoirs
• The discovery of your True Self through Qigong's tools of self-inquiry
• Empowering your relationships and sexual intimacy
• Entering the sea of compassion and happiness, and much more
How do we open the doorways to authentic love, power, and wisdom? The answer lies in our inner Life Force―and The Master Key teaches us how to unlock it."