“The Reality of Money: The Metaphysics of Financial Value” by Eyja M. Brynjarsdottir

"The Reality of Money: The Metaphysics of Financial Value" by Eyja M. Brynjarsdottir

"What is money and how does it acquire its value? How do we assign a measurable monetary value to human goods that do not seem quantifiable? What role does money play in the structure of society? Is money an illusion or is it real?

Despite the enormous impact of money on the structure of human society, as well as its effect on our daily decision-making, surprisingly little philosophical work has been done on money to date. This book examines the metaphysical foundations of money as well as the power structures that characterize the world of finance, connecting the ontology of money to considerations about inequality and other real-life issues. By throwing light on the metaphysical structure of money and financial value, Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir seeks to further the philosophical discussion of money and contribute to a broader critique of the monetary system."