“Daemons and Spirits in Ancient Egypt” by Carolyn Graves-Brown

"Daemons and Spirits in Ancient Egypt" by Carolyn Graves-Brown

"This book is about the weird and wonderful lesser-known ‘spirit’ entities of ancient Egypt—daemons, the mysterious and often fantastical creatures of the Egyptian ‘Otherworld’—and the closely related spirits of the dead, which together conjure the excitement of all things otherworldly. Daemons and spirits are generally defined in Egyptology as creatures not of this world, which do not have their own cult centre, and both groups are frequently listed together in protective spells. This volume explores the general nature of daemons and spirits in ancient Egypt and discusses a selection in more detail: it uses artefacts from Wales’s important collection of Egyptian objects at the Egypt Centre at Swansea University, in which are to be found a dwarf daemon with sticking out tongue; several guardian daemons of the Otherworld; creatures who are part snake and part feline; spirits of deceased humans; and a Greek satyr Silenus, companion to the wine god Dionysus."