“Runaway Science: True Stories of Raging Robots and Hi-Tech Horrors” by Nick Redfern

"Runaway Science: True Stories of Raging Robots and Hi-Tech Horrors" by Nick Redfern

"Will computers come to dominate man? Will advanced technology, robots and artificial intelligence enhance or destroy our future … and thereby changing us forever!?! Learn about the history, the menace and opportunities of technology—as well as possible futures—in this one-of-a-kind book!

Is technology running amok or is it serving as a helping hand? Is it a threat or a benefit? Runaway Science: True Stories of Raging Robots and Hi-Tech Horrors presents the ominous, and some encouraging, stories of how technology has shaped our past and might shape our future. It dives into the question of mankind’s future. An exhilarating and troubling read, it looks at whether robots and technology are a threat or a boon to humanity. Its investigations include …
Robocops and robots in the police force
Robots replacing people in the workplace
The high tech of ancient times
Clones, androids, modified humans, cyborgs, designer babies, and half-human robots
CIA plots to control our minds
The sentient internet
Monitoring our every move with microchip implants
The threat of unfathomable alien intelligence and technology
The singularity of uncontrollable and irreversible supplanting of human intelligence with technological intelligence
Science fiction and science fact—and how science fiction foreshadowed the future
Clandestine technological dangers and government mind-control plots
Robotic limbs, androids and half-humans
The prospect of uploading our minds into computers to ensure immortality
Whether robots will rise up and cause humans to become extinct
And much, much more.

With more than 100 photos and illustrations, this riveting read is richly illustrated, and its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness. Ponder the possibilities with this examination of the menace of robots, artificial intelligence, and technology of the past, present, and future. Exciting and worrisome, Runaway Science looks at past horrors and future dangers of technology!"