“Witch Business: Bringing Practical Magic to Your Work” by Coz Catlin

"Witch Business: Bringing Practical Magic to Your Work" by Coz Catlin

"Witch Business: Bringing Practical Magic to Your Work is an essential guide for any witch running their own business, whether you’re just starting out or at the helm of a multi-million pound enterprise.

This book begins with with you and your purpose, guiding you through creating vision boards and setting goals with a series of practical exercises to give your work structure and direction. It provides you with guidance on how to manage your own energy, time and boundaries as well as assisting you on making decisions in your business with divination and practical thinking. Also we will examine methods of magical support for your business including aligning with seasonal energy and moon phases, designing your workspace to support you and methods for working with the energies of customers, co-workers and suppliers. The book includes spells, activities, journal prompts and questions to help you and your business thrive with magical support.

Rooted in ordinary daily life, effective business management techniques and simple practical magic, Witch Business can help you to better manage your business to become the success you want it to be."