“Surfing the Galactic Highways: Adventures in Divinatory Astrology” by Barry Goddard

"Surfing the Galactic Highways: Adventures in Divinatory Astrology" by Barry Goddard

"Astrology has the power to take our breath away, to enchant us through the eerie synchronicities it reveals between sky events and earth events. Life presents us all with periods that are both challenging and potentially transformative. This book shows — in intimate detail and grounded in the author's personal experience — how the outer planets can be used to help navigate and illuminate those testing times. Astrology can guide us through the deep initiatory and transformative experiences that life, if we are willing, offers us — providing an affirmation of an intuitive, non-rational means of knowing that's central to who we are as humans, but undervalued and even denied in our modern age. Surfing the Galactic Highways is a refreshingly bold assertion of the intuitive, non-rational nature of astrological knowledge, and a thoroughgoing refutation of those who would relegate astrology to the status of a pseudo-science."