“The Little Book of Artificial Intelligence” by Harry Katzan Jr.

"The Little Book of Artificial Intelligence" by Harry Katzan Jr.

"This book is a brief introduction to artificial intelligence. It is intended for readers, in business, education, government, and self-edification.

The author would like to thank his wife Margaret for helping with the manuscript. As in most disciplines, some of the subject matter is new and some of the subject matter is not so new, especially to persons trained in the subject of computers. A person with a degree in computer science should know it already. Artificial intelligence is an important subject to the modern world, and some disciplines have already benefitted greatly from it.

The reader can survey the subject matter in any order he or she pleases. The busy executive can benefit greatly from it their parent organization. Executives in finance and banking can use to understand what is going on in their endeavors.

Artificial intelligence is not only software but uses specially prepared software to take intellectual benefit in understanding what his or her data systems are doing. Artificial intelligence is something for the future from self-driving vehicles to self-managed business. "