“Movements of Power: Ancient Secrets of Unleashing Instinctual Vitality” by Bob Klein

"Movements of Power: Ancient Secrets of Unleashing Instinctual Vitality" by Bob Klein

"In the first book of this series, Movements of Magic, Bob Klein presented a discussion of Tai-chi-Chuan and its practical and spiritual implications for daily life. Here in Movements of Power, he delves deeply into the teachings of this ancient Chinese health system to show how to release the power of the body and achieve creative attention and unshakable inner peace. Movements of Power is captivating to read, with original parables and vibrant analogies to natural and animal energy, Kung-Fu and secret Gnostic writings.

Movements of Power is a unique insight into how the practice of Tai-chi transforms your everyday life, healing you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The book begins by showing how ancient cultures preserved their knowledge using mythological stories. Tai-chi preserves the same knowledge in movement. The two methods of preserving knowledge are compared in order to better understand the principles of that knowledge and make them clear and useable for the reader. In the second section, the nature of consciousness itself is explored. What is the relationship among the mind, the body, emotions, environment and the energy flowing between them? What is internal energy (chi), what are its dynamics and how can it be used to heal? What are the dynamics of consciousness? How can we gain control of our own minds so that life can be lived more efficiently? In the last section the relationship between student and teacher is explored, as well as the process of learning any "internal" system of personal development or exercise. How can you advance the most rapidly and easily in any study you are involved in?

Movements of Power is able to explain the most complex and confusing of ancient teachings in a way that is clear and useable for modern readers. It also provides specific exercises to develop the skills of healing in Tai-chi. It is a rare chance to learn from an author who has lived his life with one foot in the modern world and one foot in the ancient world. Movements of Power pulls back the curtain which previously hid the ancient world of healing and inner knowledge. It is an absolutely necessary book for anyone interested in learning Tai-chi."