“Spiritually Loose: Uncover the Path to Your Divine Life” by Susan Pearse

"Spiritually Loose: Uncover the Path to Your Divine Life" by Susan Pearse

"Your divine life is as individual as your fingerprints: your spiritual path is unique.

Spirituality isn’t always found in organised religion, temples, or gurus. It doesn’t need to be outsourced. Your divine life lies within, all you need to do is listen to your inner voice!

Spiritually Loose shows how one woman replaced soul-destroying expectations and obligations with connection, meaning and possibilities.

Susan’s journey included raves in Ibiza, jazz bars in New York; lectures on quantum physics in Italy, philosophy classes in Australia; traditional hula dancing in Hawaii and qualifying as a Kundalini yoga teacher in Spain. Instead of finding answers, she found rules. Instead of joy, she found judgement. However, once she began looking inward, she tuned into her inner voice of love, acceptance, and joy.

Tuning into your inner voice is an antidote for emptiness, regret and disappointment. It’s a powerful reminder that it’s ok to be spiritual and loose, humble and confident, reverent and cheeky, patient and intolerant, brave and vulnerable, deep and superficial all at once. Above all, it’s a reminder that it’s perfect just to be you."