“The Book of Remembering: Keys to Maintain a New Cognitive Position” by John Kreiter

"The Book of Remembering: Keys to Maintain a New Cognitive Position" by John Kreiter

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"We all suffer from some form of attention deficit disorder, but the greater truth is that our real sickness comes from the energetic fact that this attention is not focused on the right things. The world tells us that we must focus on physical things, that we must worry about every little physical item within the material world, and that every single little distracted daydream is a sickness, an inappropriate dysfunction, something that keeps us from being orderly in accordance with what ‘they’ define as being orderly. Inner alchemists invert such silly notions and take the stance that while the physical world is important, our real work, the important work, happens in those other dimensions that we inhabit during our distracted moments. They understand that physicality is important because parts of us are bound to it, TRAPPED IN IT, and a great deal of the Great Work must happen within it.

They understand that due to the heaviness of physicality, this is an incredible place for us, a training ground. But, through their seeing, they also know that humanity is not just physicality, and if we were to go by size alone let us say, then the energetic truth is that the largest portions of us exist in dimensions beyond physicality. This means that as we learn to manage energy and power in this physical training ground, we must begin in a conscious way to focus our attention with increasing precision on what happens during those distracted moments. This is of greatest importance because it is only in those other dimensions that we will truly find our liberty and power.

But in order to begin to access those other dimensions, we must first break out of this one. And to do that we must focus our unrelenting intent on a NEW COGNITIVE POSITION, a wider and far more expansive reality. Such a thing is an incredible undertaking for us in this heavy and dense place. The great weight and thickness of this material world makes us weak and small. In this dense place we forget, this place makes us forget.

We all forget and in our forgetting our minds are diverted and our focus is scattered. So, we must make ourselves remember, we must remember.

If we can remember long enough, if our attention becomes unrelenting enough, then we may have a chance to escape this material cube and access dimensions and possibilities beyond rational imagining. This is what The Book of Remembering is about. It is a compendium of energetic truths, questions and answers, and parables of inner alchemy that are meant to help you maintain your focus on that greater reality, on that new cognitive position.

If we can remember for long enough, then this new world will open up to us, it will become permanent. Use The Book of Remembering to help you attain a wider and more permanent cognitive reality which is the foundation of your true power as an individual.

One way to use the book is to hold it in your hands, close your eyes and think of a question or feel the need to be inspired. Open the book to any page (or use the page/location slider in the Kindle app), open your eyes and look there for your answer. Use those words to remember that which you may have forgotten. Use those words to reveal and maintain a new cognitive position."