“The Kingdom of White Waters: A Secret Story” by V.G. (Sacred Wisdom Revived)

"The Kingdom of White Waters: A Secret Story" by V.G. (Sacred Wisdom Revived)

"For a thousand years, this secret story could be told only on the deathbed, for it revealed an inaccessible garden paradise hidden in the Himalayas — Shambhala, a place thousands of people searched for, but always failed to find.

Each carrier of this secret story took a vow of silence that could be broken under only two conditions: when facing imminent death or in response to another’s persistent requests for knowledge about the mythical Kingdom of White Waters.

Now, the secret story is available in English for the first time. Join a monk on his exceptional journey to the Far East as he searches for the fabulous abode of eternal beauty and truth, and discover:
Why did he need to go there?
What did he see and learn?
What prophesy did he receive for the long-suffering people of Ukraine?"