“Selfish Mind, Slavish Body: A Quest into Self-Identity” by Laljee Verma

"Selfish Mind, Slavish Body: A Quest into Self-Identity" by Laljee Verma

"Every thought, sensation, observation, and emotion is mediated by the mind, and it underpins everything that constitutes the perceived reality. But despite an exponential growth in our understanding of the mind, accounting for its nature and implications remain elusive.

Selfish Mind, Slavish Body is an enlightening odyssey that investigates the fundamental nature of mind, individuality, and the self. The book distills the wisdom from both, the Eastern and Western religions, teachings of great philosophers, and profound insights from contemporary science into a singular, comprehensive source.

The strength of the book lies in its attempt to simplify and unite the diverse viewpoints and conceptions from various fields. Some of the key concepts addressed in the book include:
• The religious, cultural, and environmental influences that shape our perception of the world and self-identity.
• The relationship between the conscious mind and the physical brain.
• The conjunction between mind and the material world.
• The intricacies of consciousness, subconsciousness, and ego.

To put it succinctly, Selfish Mind, Slavish Body is an ambitious and creative endeavour that provides a fresh perspective on the architecture of self to uncover and understand what really resides behind what we call 'I'."