“Radical Ecstasy: SM Journeys to Transcendence” by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy

"Radical Ecstasy: SM Journeys to Transcendence" by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy

"For millennia, seekers have used physical and emotional extremes to achieve transcendence and exaltation. Today, many BDSM and leather practitioners are discovering the potential of SM practice to reach personal, interpersonal and spiritual goals.

In Radical Ecstasy, bestselling BDSM/sexuality authors Easton and Hardy document their own journeys into the transcendent realm of kink. With their trademark frankness and humor, they share their own stories and philosophies. They also share techniques that have worked for them — techniques which combine tantric breathing, visualization and movement with a combined half-century of BDSM experience — to create states of transcendence during solo and partnered sexual and BDSM practice.

As outrageously revolutionary as any sex book published in the last decade, Radical Ecstasy sets the stage for the new millennium in BDSM and sacred-sex practices — a "must" for any kink, tantra, pagan or sacred-sex practitioner."