“Psychic Theory of Telekinesis” by John Moyers

"Psychic Theory of Telekinesis" by John Moyers

"Learn the theory of psychic abilities on the how and why it works. Dive deeper into the realm of psychics through the practice of telekinesis, keeping a journal and using the scientific method to debunk everything possible. This eBook describes the fabric of reality in it's unpredictable nature and reveal how nothing is truly disconnected from anything else but unified together through the very basic of the fabric of reality.

Educate yourself on the scientific method while learning the method and technique of telekinesis itself and prove to yourself that you're not fooling yourself, or prove to yourself that you really are being tricked by your previous telekinesis practice sessions. Learn ways to figure out how to test if you're truly doing telekinesis as well details on why certain methods are less trustworthy than others along with certain objects for movement are even more untrustworthy still. Some methods and objects can trick you into thinking you're doing telekinesis when you're really not, and with this eBook, you'll learn how to combat against tricking yourself and learn how to test to make sure that the object you thought may have been a great way to start off practicing telekinesis may actually be one of the worst things for you to try."