“The Genius Pathworking, Imagickal for the Old Astrology Archetypes” by Miranda Swords

"The Genius Pathworking, Imagickal for the Old Astrology Archetypes" by Miranda Swords

"We approach magick to help us make easier and better our everyday life, it helps us to sometimes make accessible events, people or ideas and other times to make us better to do it ourselves. What is intended in this book is the last, to help you get closer to your higher self by asking spirits to help you be able to express better their archetypes/powers and accelerate a bit your independence by being able to do so. This is not a book of powers, but rather we explore some Old Astrology formulas and ideas concerning elements, signs and planets, and then it is provided the imagickal tools to call rawly the spirits of The Nuctemeron, which are believed to express our soul virtues."