“Hecatean Magick: A Grimoire to Invite the Goddess of the Crossroads in Your Practice” by Hecateus Apuliensis

"Hecatean Magick: A Grimoire to Invite the Goddess of the Crossroads in Your Practice" by Hecateus Apuliensis

"In this grimoire, a complete new system of magick is presented. It will teach the practitioner how to invite Hecate in their magical endeavours, or start knowing the many faces of this very ancient goddess.

The approach of this book is based on Chaos Magick, as the system isn’t derived from existing traditions, but rather my own experience with Hecate, and the creativity she’s inspired me. What you’re holding is a very practical grimoire you can use for addressing the difficulties you’re facing, but it’s also a kit to ask Hecate to nourish your spiritual flame, if so you wish. What I share in these pages is meant to be a "flexible" practice that you can employ whether you’re an occult practitioner, or a devotee of Hecate. Even if you’re moving the first steps to invite the goddess in your life, this grimoire will still be useful being user-friendly.

In Hecatean Magick you’re going to discover a way to work with Hecate’s epithets, wield your power through 70 daemons of the Hellenic tradition, and finally, you’re going to learn about the magick of the Greek alphabet. This grimoire offers a system you can employ in versatile ways, and help you grow your connection with the goddess of the crossroads.

If what you’re reading sounds exciting for you, wait no more, and start summoning Hecate’s blessings in your life. If your intentions are sincere, Hecate will grant you the power to unlock your potential, today. May the torch be lit, may the torch be passed!"