“Sexuality in Greek and Roman Society and Literature: A Sourcebook” by Marguerite Johnson (2nd edition)

"Sexuality in Greek and Roman Society and Literature: A Sourcebook" by Marguerite Johnson (2nd edition)

"This second edition includes an updated review of sexuality in Greece and Rome, an expanded bibliography and numerous new passages with original translations.

This book provides readers with detailed information, notes, and original translated passages on the fascinating and multi-faceted theme of ancient sexuality. The sources range from the era of Homer and Hesiod through to the Graeco-Roman world of the Fourth Century CE and explore the diversitiy of approaches to sexuality and sexual expression, as well as how these issues relate to the rest of ancient society and culture.

Sexuality in Greek And Roman Society and Literature is an invaluable resource to students and academics alike, providing a detailed series of chapters on all major facets of sexuality in ancient Greece and Rome. It will particularly appeal to those interested in sexuality and gender in antiquity, as well as ancient literature and social studies."