“The Psychic Wars: Parapsychology in Espionage — And Beyond” by Elmar R. Gruber

"The Psychic Wars: Parapsychology in Espionage — And Beyond" by Elmar R. Gruber

"For more than twenty-five years, the intelligence services on both sides in the Cold War funded and encouraged research into parapsychology. Both the CIA and KGB devoted quantities of time and money to find ways in which psychic warfare could be carried out. In this fascinating assessment of this research, the experiments and programmes are described in detail, and this account of hitherto secret work reveals how it laid the foundation for even more sensational developments.

Drawing on research from around the world, Dr Gruber explains how parapsychologists are bringing their work to the forefront of scientific research as the phenomena of extrasensory perception, like remote viewing, telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, are subjected to rigorous research methods. Parapsychology can no longer be regarded as belonging to the fringes of science and Dr Gruber's thorough and persuasive arguments show that this is a science with a real and serious future."