“Yi Number Oracle” by Joey Yap

"Yi Number Oracle" by Joey Yap

"Meaningful numbers demystified. Numbers are everywhere. On a car plate, receipt, hotel room door, price tag, the clock — everywhere. But do you ever feel that certain numbers call out to you? Are there any special combinations that keep reappearing in your life?

What if these numbers are trying to 'tell' you something, an answer to an important question that has been on your mind lately?

The predictive power of numbers is now revealed in Joey Yap's Yi Number Oracle, where he has streamlined, converted and simplified the practice of classical Yi Jing (Book of Changes) and presented it in an accessible approach for the novice.

This book focuses on one of many divination methods of the Yi Jing, the 384 Yao numbers. The techniques of the Image and Numerology School system have been converted into a new, easy to use system, while the 64 Hexagrams and the 384 Yao definitions have been transliterated and adapted for modern day application. Now anyone can arrive at the correct Yao definition with this handy mini book.

Yi Number Oracle has taken out the complicated formulas and calculations for you. With a minimal level of technical expertise, you too can discover what answers 'meaningful' numbers may reveal about your life.

Highlights of this book include:
A Yao Derivation Table for numbers 0000 to 9999
The 384 Yao definitions – answers to your questions
An abridged history and explanation of Yi Jing
My Yi Journal: record your life journey

Written for the layman, this book makes an ideal introduction to the expansive study of Yi Jing."