“The Way of Trance” by Dennis R. Wier

"The Way of Trance" by Dennis R. Wier

"Have you ever been in a trance? Dennis Wier has been studying, teaching and experimenting with trance for over 35 years. Some of his investigations have wide-reaching implications in the areas of religion, politics, psychology and self-improvement.

For Wier, the study of trance includes not only meditation, hypnosis, addictions, charisma, magic and altered states of consciousness, but also includes electronic mind-control techniques and the ethical questions these practices raise.

Trance is scary for many people because they do not know much about it. The Way of the Trance takes much of this fear away by introducing a model for trance and using that model to describe meditation, hypnosis, addiction and charisma. Electronically induced trance and the ethics of trance, trance abuse, trance music, ecstatic trance and the mysticism of trance are also discussed.

This is a practical book for the curious as well as long-time meditators, yogis, hypnotists, artists and researchers of consciousness. Addiction counselors will discover new ways to help clients break the patterns of compulsive behaviors and addictions through the application of the trance model. There are exercises and questions for study groups.

Dennis Wier believes that when trances are practiced willingly with loving compassion, it can be a powerful source of healing, inspiration and self-realization. The main goal of his book is to promote "trance awareness" on a personal level through the practice of meditation. The author lives in Northern California."