“Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide to Ghosts, Spirits and Attached Entities” by Rita Louise

"Dark Angels: An Insider's Guide to Ghosts, Spirits and Attached Entities" by Rita Louise

"When talking about beings without bodies; angels, ascended masters and spirit guides aren't the only kids on the block. Dark Angels talks about the bad kids in town. Who are these bad kids? As a child, you might have met one at night…under your bed, in your closet or down a dark hallway.

Dark Angels is an exciting exploration into the darker side of the spirit world. This isn't a dull dissertation about ghosts. It takes a fun and candid approach to addressing ghosts, attached entities and demons. Dark Angels is filled with revealing information about these dark forces and how they can influence our lives.

Written in a straightforward, easy to read manner, the technical content as well as the stories shared are infused with Dr. Louise's own wit, candor and sassy style.

Dark Angels delves deeply into the subject of ghosts and all those things that go "bump in the night . Dr. Louise details the differences between residual and active hauntings. She delves into the reasons why ghosts remain here on earth and explores topics including portals, ley lines, and vortexes. She also discusses how the reader can begin to detect ghostly presences intuitively, or through the use of ghost hunting equipment.

In addition to ghosts, Dark Angels explores the concept of attached entities. Dr. Louise informs the reader of the true motives of these non-corporeal beings. She describes why entities attach to us, the vehicle for their attachment and the mechanism through which they are able to influence us and our lives. Dr. Louise also reveals how some mental disorders may not be psychiatric in nature, but may ultimately be caused by the presence of one of these other worldly beings influencing the sufferer.

Dark Angels also provides the reader specific methodologies he or she can use to clear a location. The techniques include how to begin communicating and interacting with these beings without bodies. Strategies include how to eliminate pesky ghosts from a location as well as how to clear oneself of an attached entity. Although reader discretion is advised, the easy to understand, clear-cut energy medicine techniques described are known to produce dramatic results by both the novice and experienced practitioner alike."